Call For Papers/征稿主题

Call For Papers/征稿主题

2020 International Conference on Mechanical Instrumentation and Automation (ICMIA2020) aims to provide a high-level international forum for researchers, engineers and scientists to present the new advances and research results in the fields of Mechanical Instrumentation and Automation. 

The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Ⅰ. InstrumentationⅠ. 仪器仪表
1.Instruments Science and Technology1.仪器科学与技术
2.Measuring and Testing Technologies and Instruments2.测试计量技术及仪器
3.Mechanical and Instrument Design3.机械和仪器设计
4.Instrumentation Process Equipment and Processing Equipment4.仪器仪表工艺装备及加工设备
5.Instrument Materials and Components5.仪表材料及元器件
6.Ultra-precision Photoelectric Instrument6.超精密光仪器
7.Intelligent Instrument System


Ⅱ. Precision Instruments and MachineryⅡ. 精密仪器及机械
1.Intelligent Structural System1.智能结构系统
2.Intelligent Instruments and Machinery2.智能化仪器及机械
3.Precision Measurement and Intelligent Instrument3.精密测量与智能化仪器
4.Photoelectric Detection Technology4.光电检测技术
5.Electronic Information Technology and Application5.电子信息技术及应用
6.Detection and Control Technology6.检测控制技术
7.Computer Aided Design7.计算机辅助设计(CAD)
8.Micro-Electro-Mechanical System8.智能微机电系统设计
9.Smart Sensor Technology and Application9.智能传感技术及应用
10.Intelligent Text Image Recognition Technology and Application10.智能文字图像识别技术及应用
11.Virtual Instruments, Network Instruments and Software Defined Radio11.虚拟仪器、网络仪器及软件无线电技术
12.Intelligent Information Processing Technology12.智能信息处理技术
13.Human Biometric Technology and System13.人体生物识别技术及系统

Ⅲ. Automation and Electronic Information Engineering

Ⅲ. 自动化、电子信息工程

1.Automatic Detection and Instrumentation1.自动检测与仪表
2.Principle of Automatic Control2.自动控制原理
3.Microcomputer Principle and Application3.微机原理及应用
4.Signals and Systems4.信号与系统
5.Computer Network5.计算机网络
6.Intelligent Measurement and Control System6.智能化测控系统
7.Process Control7.过程控制
8.Fault Diagnosis and Maintenance Theory8.故障诊断与维护理论
9.Electric Automation9.电气自动化
10.Intelligent Automation10.智能自动化
11.Advanced Control Design and Algorithm11.先进控制设计与算法
12.Electronic Design Automation12.电子设计自动化
13.Multimedia Technology13.多媒体技术

Ⅳ. Other Related TopicsⅣ. 其它相关主题